Traffic in websites is a general term used to describe anyone who visits your site. This can be measured in a number of ways. You may have heard statements such as "my website receives over 5,000 hits per day." We prefer to measure traffic in a more accurate and more fair way by counting unique visitors. Hits will never indicate if a siteís marketing is successful but the number of incoming unique visitors will.

Kent Nattrass Marketing and Communications specializes in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), the process of refining a website to enhance its ranking in search engines. Search engines provide over 85% of traffic to most websites, and without an effective SEO strategy this traffic is going to your competitors.

Trust us for aesthetic, suitable web design. Customers donít return to a business if they feel uneasy about how a business is portrayed. Neither do online shoppers. In fact, since the Internet is a reasonably anonymous place to carry on business and many fraudsters take advantage of this, extra effort is required to convince an online shopper that you are a reputable business. Hence, Kent Nattrass Marketing and Communications designs clean, professional websites, aesthetically suitable to the feel of your business. Rest assured, we work with great care to ensure our web design reflects your businessí image.

Conversion determines website profitability. Regardless of how much traffic any website receives, if it fails to offer any incentive to enquire or buy or the visitor decides they arenít interested, the website is worthless. Our goal is appropriate copy and seamless usability for your website. Kent Nattrass Marketing and Communications ensures website copy is positive and conducive to a high conversion ratio. We can arrange an internet business viability analysis for the selling of products or services online, and recommend adjustments to vending models as necessary for a smooth transition online.
All of our designs are 100% custom. That means that we do not use templates and that you will have a unique design. In addition we design in such a way as to maximize the appeal to search engines.

The design process is generally as follows:

Step One - We have a discussion regarding your business and you; how you would like to communicate your message on the web and what you would like to do with your website. If possible, we collect as much printed information as possible about your business. This includes photos, brochures, logos, video, customer contracts, etc.

Step Two - We finalize your page count and general headings.

Step Three - We develop a rough page one design. This is your own unique, custom design. We post the design on a development page so that you can see it and approve it before we move on.

Step Four - After you approve the design, we populate all of the pages.  We post the changes we make on a regular basis so that you can see the progress and make revisions as necessary. In developing your pages we work hard to convey your message in a way that is consistent with your organizational culture and goals.

Step Five - Once this is completed you give final approval before we publish to the internet. A website at this stage is seen here:

Step Six - Finally we post the website to the internet, set up your email accounts and submit the site to the search engines.

Step Seven - Once the site is up, we work to fine tune everything based on feedback from the public and from our stats packages. This stage never ends.

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Costs: We understand how business works. We recognise a flashy design is pretty at best without a marketing strategy to drive traffic into a website. Conversely, we realise there is little point obtaining thousands of visitors to a site which looks like the second website attempt of your best friendís nephew. Kent Nattrass Marketing and Communications create professional, aesthetic, functional websites that rank at the very top of the search engines and we do it at a price every business can afford.

The cost for website development is affordable. Our pricing is structured to allow any business a profitable online presence. Contact us today for a quote.

View what we have acheived for other clients. We would be pleased to send you a complete portfolio for you to look at. Just give us a call or send us an email.

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